This season the Boise Phil is bringing the music to you through our new Digital Stage.

You’ll be able to access this season’s masterful programming online and tune into intimate and innovative concert videos that we’ve created just for you.

You can watch the concerts by downloading the Digital Stage to your mobile phone (Apple and Android), iPad or tablet, on a streaming device (Apple TV, Firestick, Roku, Chromecast), or on your computer.

The Boise Phil Digital Stage features constantly refreshed classical music concert videos, behind the scenes footage, “backstage” conversations, and archival audio from previous seasons’ concerts. Boise Phil musicians will be featured in a variety of small ensembles performing a diverse collection of over 85 works by nearly 70 composers across 27 performances. New concerts will premiere three to four times a month on Saturday nights between October 2020 and May 2021*.

*Concert videos will be available for a minimum of 30 days after each premiere. Some concerts will remain on the Digital Stage for the entire season.

New concerts will premiere three to four times a month on Saturday nights.

Monthly interviews and backstage discussions with Eric Garcia and the musicians will also be available.

Between the concerts, you can enjoy archive audio recordings from previous concerts as well.

  • David Alan Earnest - String Trio No. 4

    Experience music inspired by Normal Rockwell paintings in local composer David Alan Earnest's String Trio No. 4. Unfortunately, due to copyright issues, we are unable to display the paintings.

    I. No Swimming
    II. Jester
    III. The Horsehoe Forging Contest
    IV. Breaking Home Times
    V. Two Plumbers and...

  • Seasons Turn: A Love Letter to Bogus Basin

    "Listen to our glorious brass quintet and revel in the wonders of nature in our latest offering from the Digital Stage: Seasons Turn - A Love Letter to Bogus Basin. You don’t want to miss all the beauty (including mountain bikers!). We hope you’ll join us! - Tracy Sunderland, Director

    At our fir...

  • Ingolf Dahl: Concerto a tre

    From fleeing totalitarianism to working in the TV industry on shows such as The Twilight Zone, Spartacus, and A Boy Named Charlie Brown, Ingolf Dahl's incredible life is reflected in his powerful Concerto a tre! Thrilling themes, a hint of sadness, and a combination of jazz and Swedish folk music...

  • Grażyna Bacewicz: String Quartet No. 4

    "The world outside may be dark and in turmoil, but somewhere, somehow - even if you can’t see it - the music continues on: defiant, exuberant, hopeful. Join us for HOME, where you’re always welcome, where the music continues on." -Tracy Sunderland, Director

    Grażyna Bacewicz
    String Quartet No. 4...

  • Spirit & Grace

    2 items

    Throughout history, women have always shaped and changed our culture — and in this program, we’re celebrating three phenomenal women composers. In her spellbinding Third Symphony, Florence Price honors African American musical and cultural heritage. Written to commemorate the 200th anniversary of...

  • Jennifer Higdon - An Exaltation of Larks

    "The first time someone told me that a collection of Larks is called an 'Exaltation', I immediately thought, 'What a sound an exaltation of larks must make!' -- How to capture the beauty of the idea of exalting and singing? A string quartet seemed perfect!" - Jennifer Higdon

    Jennifer Hig...

  • Santé! - Joseph Bologne: String Quartet No. 1

    Ring in the new year with a performance only available on the Digital Stage. Featuring the Boise Phil String Quartet, Santé! is a celebration of the year to come. Performing Joseph Bologne's String Quartet No. 1 be swept to your feet with the perfect way to dance into the new year.


  • Cinema & Sanctuary

    2 items

    World War II upended the lives of countless artists, including scores of composers who fled Nazi Germany and found sanctuary in America. These composers’ rich and colorful music became the soundscape of stage and screen in the 1940s. Revisit the Golden Age of cinema with music from Waxman’s iconi...

  • Ravel - Piano Trio in A minor

    Experience Ravel's Piano Trio in A minor! This powerful piece, originally broadcast in 2021, thrusts the audience into quote, "a magic forest..a theatre full of sonic wonders in which the instruments, using their distinctive voices, become actors."


    Dawn Douthit, Violin

    Heidi Nagel...

  • Pablo de Sarasate: Zigeunerweisen, op. 20 "Gypsy Airs"

    Experience one of classical music's most emotion-filled pieces in Sarasate's Zigeunerweisen. Chai-Li Ho and Del Parkinson take you on a journey through Basque Country leaving you filled with joy, sorrow, and peace.

    Pablo de Sarasate: Zigeunerweisen, op. 20 "Gypsy Airs"


  • W.A. Mozart: Clarinet Quintet in A Major

    Enter Mozart's Clarinet Quintet in A Major. Be whisked away to a gorgeously blue world of light and color.

    Carmen Izzo, Principal Clarinet

    Katherine Jarvis, Assistant Concertmaster

    Geoffrey Hill, Principal Second Violin

  • Musical Masterpieces

    3 items

    Some music is simply timeless. Nearly 250 years after its premiere, Mozart’s “Paris” Symphony continues to delight, from its grand opening to the irrepressible flourish of its finale. With its boisterous spirit (complete with musical quotes from college drinking songs), Brahms’ Academic Festival ...

  • The Shape of Water

    3 items

    Like nature, music awes and inspires with its ferocious power, stunning beauty, and subtle colors. Float down The River on a lazy afternoon with Duke Ellington, as the music meanders through whirlpools, skips over giggling rapids, and flows across waterfalls. And take a flight of fancy in Scheher...

  • Eric Alexander: Soapstone Prairie Quintet for Woodwinds

    Experience local Idaho composer, Eric Alexander's Soapstone Prairie Quintet for Woodwinds!

    Allison Emerick, Principal Flute

    Lauren Blackerby, Principal Oboe

    Carmen Izzo, Principal Clarinet

  • Debussy: Sonate en trio, L. 145 (137)

    Experience Debussy's Sonate en trio performed in a whimsical world of light. One of Debussy’s final works, the Sonata for flute, viola, and harp bears a striking resemblance to his beloved orchestral works La Mer and Prélude à l'après-midi d'un faune.

    Colleen McElroy, Flute


  • See the Music

    See the Music: A Collaboration

    Boise Phil Youth Orchestra & Boise State University

    Boise Phil invites you to SEE THE MUSIC: an extraordinary collaboration between Boise State student artists, The Keith and Catherine Stein Luminary, and our own amazingly talented Boise Phil Youth Orchestra (BPYO...

  • Ludwig van Beethoven: String Quartet in E-flat Major Op, 74 "Harp"

    Composed in 1809, during the height of Beethoven's powers, String Quartet in E-flat Major, stunned critics, the audience, and musicians.

    Be stunned by Beethoven's power in this incredible performance originally released on October 10th, 2020.

    Enjoy this performance of Beethoven's String Quart...

  • Kerry Turner - Ricochet for Brass Quintet

    Re-experience the magic of Boise Phil FIRST Digital Stage release in Turner's Ricochet for Brass Quintet.


    Drew Ziemba, Associate Principal Trumpet

    Brendan Grzanic, Trumpet

    Mark Givens, Horn IV

    TALON SMITH, Trombone ...

  • Claude Debussy: Danses sacrée et profane for harp & strings

    Debussy’s Danses is two dances melded into one piece. Contrasting "sacrée" and "profane" themes provide the audience an experience of spirit and body, heaven and Earth, and ethereal and corporeal.

    "Profane" in French does not mean “irreverent”, “impious”, or “blasphemous”. It simply means “secu...

  • David Alan Earnest - String Trio No. 4

    David Alan Earnest's String Trio No. 4 was inspired by paintings of Norman Rockwell and was commissioned by the Boise Phil's Langroise Trio!

    David Alan Earnest (b. 1960)
    String Trio No. 4 (on paintings by Norman Rockwell)
    I. No Swimming
    II. Jester
    III. The Horseshoe Forging Contest
    IV. B...

  • Franz Schubert: Piano Quintet in A Major, D. 667 "Trout"

    Re-experience Franz Schubert's "Trout", and dance through a whimsical meadow with dancer Callie Ritter!

    Performed by Del Parkinson, Dawn Douthit, Emily Jones, Julia Pope, and Christopher Ammirati, "Trout" s a perfect way to start your fall! Originally released on October 24th, 2021, this perform...

  • Bruckner: Symphony No. 7 for Chamber Orchestra

    Buckle up for the largest ensemble of the 2020-2021 season performing a chamber version of Bruckner's masterwork, Symphony No. 7.

    Anton Bruckner
    Symphony No. 7 in E Major for Chamber Orchestra
    I. Allegro moderato
    II. Adagio. Sehr feierlich und sehr langsam
    III. Scherzo. Sehr schnell
    IV. Finale. ...

  • Johannes Brahms - Academic Festival Overture

    With its boisterous spirit (complete with musical quotes from college drinking songs), Brahms’ Academic Festival Overture captures the timeless energy of youth — featuring the Boise Philharmonic Youth Orchestra is piece is a perfect choice for our side-by-side performance.

    BOISE PHIL ...

  • Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart - Symphony No. 31 in D major, “Paris”

    Join the Boise Phil in a stroll through the City of Light! Nearly 250 years after its premiere, Mozart’s “Paris” Symphony continues to delight, from its grand opening to the irrepressible flourish of its finale.


    Likai He, concertmaster

    Chia-Li Ho, associate concertmaster