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Watch this video and more on Boise Philharmonic

Watch this video and more on Boise Philharmonic

David Alan Earnest - String Trio No. 4



  • Seasons Turn: A Love Letter to Bogus ...

    "Listen to our glorious brass quintet and revel in the wonders of nature in our latest offering from the Digital Stage: Seasons Turn - A Love Letter to Bogus Basin. You don’t want to miss all the beauty (including mountain bikers!). We hope you’ll join us! - Tracy Sunderland, Director

    At our fir...

  • Ingolf Dahl: Concerto a tre

    From fleeing totalitarianism to working in the TV industry on shows such as The Twilight Zone, Spartacus, and A Boy Named Charlie Brown, Ingolf Dahl's incredible life is reflected in his powerful Concerto a tre! Thrilling themes, a hint of sadness, and a combination of jazz and Swedish folk music...

  • Grażyna Bacewicz: String Quartet No. 4

    "The world outside may be dark and in turmoil, but somewhere, somehow - even if you can’t see it - the music continues on: defiant, exuberant, hopeful. Join us for HOME, where you’re always welcome, where the music continues on." -Tracy Sunderland, Director

    Grażyna Bacewicz
    String Quartet No. 4...